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Charter Oak and Edx
Edx is a mooc (massively open online classroom). The classes are free plus $49 if you want the certificate. This isn't a bad deal. Anyone done this before? I wonder if they will soon partner with other schools too.
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I guess they need some evaluation from ACE and NCCRS to become widespread. I like some of these courses, and will look into Charter Oak for something fun.

Getting credit for EdX courses is not really clear to me. What courses can we take and get credit?
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There used to be 3 or more courses listed there: MITx intro to programming and ruby on the rails beginner/advanced. Then there were 2 listed, then 1 listed, and now no eligible classes listed. So I'm guessing it got phased out. They also phased out their 3 ACE approved differential equation courses(through alternative credit project)That is unfortunate.
There's so much potential for alternative courses through edx, but it seems now they are pushing their ASU global freshman academy courses($500-700 per course if I remember right), their micromasters certs, which only count as credit if you transfer into one of the participating colleges(and each one handles the process differently, some award credit and some waive some of the requirements) and now their full masters programs. Also, I believe they are planning on launching a micro bachelors program soon.

BTW the ASU GFA courses are mostly gen eds that could be CLEPed or done through the alt providers, so it's not a good deal for someone transferring into the big 3.
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