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Charter Oak versus Excelsior (fastest and lowest cost to BLA and recommended route)
I just finished summer school at my local community college. I am tired of beating around the bush as I have just turned 42. I only got serious about school in the last 2 years. I have 64 credits and have finished most of my general ed. I just have algebra and I am planning on a clep test(my first one) for sociology Thursday. I want to know from someone first hand which school would be the fastest and lowest cost to a bachelors degree. I am enrolled at a major university for the fall and just want a cheaper quicker way to a degree. I qualified for the full amount on fafsa $5500 and was awarded subsidized and unsubsidized loans for about $7500. I presume I would get similar amounts at Charter Oak or Excelsior. My gpa is a 3.5 since returning to school and I don't know about scholarships? Not my top priority. Anyways, is a BA doable in 12 months? What about 6 months realistically? Which school would you recommend? I work three nights a week and the rest of the time I can devote to my studies. Please respond about both schools and best route. I also want to know about future gpa's for graduate schools and the importance. Such as pass/fail for clep, ece and dantes tests versus needing a gpa. Thanks

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Charter Oak versus Excelsior (fastest and lowest cost to BLA and recommended route) - by jimjam92397 - 07-30-2013, 09:07 PM

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