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Cheap RA credits to transfer in to CUNY SPS?
(11-17-2020, 12:26 PM)DegreeBy2023 Wrote:
(11-17-2020, 07:21 AM)nomaduser Wrote: Hey,

Try competency-based online programs:

For example, you pay $2.5k to Capella University, and you'll be allowed to take lots of RA course credits that can be transferred to CUNY SPS.

Thanks for the feedback everyone.  I see now how TEL Learning works, will check out both Mid-America Christian University and Greenville University for specific courses and inquire about credit transfer consideration without mentioning TEL Learning.  

Also leaning towards a Competency Based Program, wondering if any financial aid is available for competency based programs?  

Will do some research on that, and what past experiences for individual programs, how fast people have completed courses. 

Quote:UMPI is self paced. You can take as many courses as you can finish in an 8 week term for $1400. I'll be completing at least 6 courses this term....maybe 7 if I get moving. They have everything there so you don't have to worry about transferring in credits. They only accept up to 30 ACE credits. If you have any questions about UMPI, send me a PM.

6-7 courses in 8 weeks seems fast!  If I could get 18-21 RA credits in 8 weeks that would be a game changer.  And that is how they show on transcript, as RA or something else?   Also wondering if the longer 24 week programs equate to being able to get more credits out of it, or if the courses just take longer?

As for snow, being out of state, I don't know if I want to take the risk of paying for it and hoping for the out of state scholarship.  

Still research/comparing to do of the Competency Based Programs but that seems like the move.

UMPI is one of the universities in the University of Maine system which is the state college of Maine. They accept financial aid. It's $1,400 per 8 week term. The credits are RA credits. It is a regionally accredited college. All of their online degrees are competency based. There are 2 8 week terms per semester. There are 6 terms per academic year. Seriously, if you have any questions feel free to PM me. I am currently attending UMPI and set to graduate in the spring.
UMPI YourPace Alumni: BLS with Management Information Systems, Project Management, and Management minors 
Graduated March 2021


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