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Cheap transferable graduate computer science online course credits?
Hello guys,

I realized that some MS in CS programs will accept graduate transfer credits.

Do you guys know if there's any self-paced online graduate CS course that comes with real credits?

It'd be nice to find something like Tel Learning for grad credits.


The second one is transcripted as CE. I thought the "C" was "computer," but it is a civil engineering course. I will leave it in the post because a graduate civil engineering course for $75 is pretty fantastic.
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I don't see why would any graduate school would give credit for those two courses for a masters degree

the first course is barely equivalent to an "Introduction to Computer Science/Programming" course you'd take as an undergraduate

the second course is some weird statistics course designed for K-12 teachers to use in classroom management

"This course is appropriate for all K-12 teachers. The teachers will become familiar with the basic AI terminology, applications and will receive training to incorporate AI into K-12 education. Specifically, the teachers will be exposed to real-world scenarios and problems where applying statistical principles can be a lifesaver. Data based reasoning will be pitched against human intuition, and the advantages of such an approach will be demonstrated. "

> but it is a civil engineering course.

pretty sure its not
the instructor has a degree in civil engineering
maybe the CE stands for childhood education or continuing education
"Academic Level: K-12 Professional Development" - I would guess that the credits earned are CEUs and not academic credits.
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Sorry, but DIY grad degrees just aren't really a thing. Most programs accept only a minimum of transfer credits, if any at all, and tend to be picky about them when they do. They basically only do it so that someone who started at another school can feel like maybe they didn't waste ALL of their effort.

What loose online grad credits do exist, are mostly aimed at teachers who get a pay bump for having a certain number of grad credits. Even with those, transferring more than a handful into an actual grad program doesn't really happen.

Now what DOES exist are online master's programs. There are a few decent ones for CS. Some of them are quite reasonably priced, too. In general, though, I'd say they are as hard or harder than an in-person program.
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