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"Chinese Literature in Translation-Poetry" at BYU-IS still available
Some months back, many users were suggesting the UL Chinese Lit. in Translation Poetry course at BYU-IS—particularly for the non-Western literature requirement at TESU. I wanted to take this course, as translation and Chinese literature are both things I like. However, people were saying the course had been stopped, and the course page isn't available on the BYU-IS catalog and website anymore.

I was just about to purchase and register a BYU-IS course, and in the catalog in your BYU-IS account, there are courses available that aren't on the website. One of those is the "CHIN-343-M001 Chinese Literature in Translation-Poetry" course. It says "Open" and everything. I didn't check, but I think there is a whole bunch of other courses as well. 

[Image: Skqv2ES.png]
Thanks for that info. I wonder how to get them to list ALL available courses in the catalog!?!?!
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(12-03-2019, 11:28 AM)dfrecore Wrote: Thanks for that info.  I wonder how to get them to list ALL available courses in the catalog!?!?!

You can sign up for an account, though. Just need email address, name, and other basic details.

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