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College Board CLEPs
Maybe its because I have not signed up for Instant Cert yet, but on instantcerts website it lists 20 exams that they have study material for. But when I go to College Board's website, they say they offer 33 different cleps. Does instant cert not offer study material for the other 13? I just figured it was too big of a difference to just be a website error.
Instantcert doesn't have flashcard sets for all of the DSST, CLEP, ECE, and TECEP subjects. Which exams are you studying for? There are plenty of other free and low cost study materials available.
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Masters and Graduate Certificate
AAS, AS, BA, and BS
Intro Psych 70, US His I 64, Intro Soc 63, Intro Edu Psych 70, A&I Lit 64, Bio 68, Prin Man 69, Prin Mar 68
Life Dev Psych 62, Fund Coun 68, Intro Comp 469, Intro Astr 56, Env & Hum 70, HTYH 456, MIS 451, Prin Sup 453, HRM 62, Bus Eth 458
Int Alg, Coll Alg
4 credits
Fed Inc Tax, Sci of Nutr, Micro, Strat Man, Med Term, Pub Relations
Sys Analysis & Design, Programming, Cyber
Intro to Comm, Microbio, Acc I
Macro, Intro to Fin, Man Acc

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