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College Enrollment - Rebounding for the For-Profits
Interesting, I think the For-Profits are doing alright during this weird time of Covid. 

They're seeing an increase in about 3%, whereas everyone else is seeing a decrease!

Look at those numbers, Public 2-Year colleges are down a whopping 9.4/9.5%

Wow, compare that to the rest or the total... amazing difference in the landscape.


Update: Another snapshot from the same website:
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My guess is because most for profit schools have a heavy online presence. They have legit online programs which were designed to be online not remote learning thrown together in a panic. I'm looking at 2 for profit grad schools....they're they only ones offering what I'm looking for. not super excited about it, but it is what is. I'd rather attend one of them than make a major change to my plans and can't change what I need and the timing.

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Echoing ss20, I think it's also about enrollment standards. Many people may have a desire for grad-level education but a poor educational background that would make them less competitive for non-profit universities.
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