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Computer Classes
I know EC doesn't take SDC computer classes.  I'm curious if anyone has insight on EC accepting computer classes from an RA school? Mine will (hopefully) be taking 9 cybersecurity classes from an Arizona community college and I am wondering if they'll be accepted at EC as free electives for a BSLS.
Homeschool College Guidance Counselor Mom to twin 14 yo boys

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Sophia: Psychology, Visual Comms, Sociology, Eff Teams, Mng Conflict, Student Success, Anc Greek Philo, Art History 1, Intro to IT,
Intro to Bus, English Comp 1

Planning for (2) Bachelors: BSLS with Psychology Concentration

I have taken IT courses from a RA community college and a university. They accepted both of them. I am in the BPS Business and Management program however. IT is a requirement for my degree and the extra course went into my professional electives.

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AAS Business Administration - local community college
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Sophia: Environmental Science, Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict, College Algebra (in progress), Human Biology (in progress),

Planning on using SL in the near future
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