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Coopersmith retake?
I have my very last exam scheduled for tomorrow and then I am DONE with credit by exam! Woohoo! I certainly could have prepped more for this one, but life has been hectic and I have already rescheduled twice. I was just curious if anyone has retaken exams with Coopersmith just in case I fail. Is there a waiting period? Are the questions the same/similar or completely different? Obviously hoping I won’t have to but just want to be prepared in case I do fail. Thanks in advance!
I've been told in the past that it's 3 months waiting period with some exceptions.

Update: I passed with a 90 and don’t need this, but just wanted to update and say Coopersmith is FANTASTIC as usual and their customer service is truly top tier. Asked to pay a fee for rushed grading and Stephen emailed me back with my grade within 30 minutes. 10/10 would recommend Coopersmith to anyone !!!!!!
Substance Abuse 470, Fundamentals of Counseling 466, General Anthropology 445, Foundations of Education 424, Technical Writing 450
Human Growth & Development 58, Intro to Educational Psychology 66, College Composition 66, College Composition Modular 65, Intro to Sociology 64, Analyzing & Interpreting Literature 50, American Government 55, College Algebra 63, Macroeconomics 52, Biology 55
Ethics in the Social science, Statistics, Cognitive Psychology, Research methods, Personality Theory, History & Systems of Psychology, Ethics in America, History of the US II
Abnormal Psychology, Physiological Psychology
Psychology of Adulthood & Aging, Social Psychology
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Yes actually recently similar happened to me and would highly recommend coopersmith.

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