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Credits for a D
Will COSC accept gen ed transfers from a brick and mortar that are a D? Asking for a friend
someone else will chime in but I've never seen a school that will accept anything under a C.
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I think TESU accepts classes that are D from a B&M school but not in the AOS. Mostly for electives? I don't think COSC accepts anything below a C, though.

But it doesn't hurt to apply everywhere to see what they bring in as what. IIRC, bjcheung77 has a code/link to make the COSC application free. Excelsior has free applications until April 30th. TESU is $50 to apply.
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TESU will accept a D or higher, COSC will accept a D- or higher (so no F's).  Both have the exception of English Comp I & II have to be C or higher, and TESU's AOS has to be C or higher, as does COSC's Major/Concentration.


Policy on D Grades
Students may transfer in or apply Thomas Edison State University course grades of D to their non area of study requirements as long as their overall grade point average is at least a 2.0, or higher as determined by the School in which they are enrolled, with the following exceptions:

  • All area of study courses must be graded C or better in order to apply to area of study requirements

  • All required composition courses must be graded C or better

  • No course in which a student earned a D- grade will be accepted in transfer


Credit for Courses
Grades of C (2.0) or higher must be earned in English Composition courses and all core requirements in a Major or General Studies Concentration in order to be transferable. Passing grades (D- or higher) may be used for other degree requirements. Grades of D- must be balanced by higher grades in order to achieve the C average (2.0) necessary for graduation.
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Former TESU student chiming in here.

Yes they accept D's but not for English Comp and your in the actual area of study as those have to be C or above. But in my case, it was a course for business core requirements for my BSBA. So D's can count towards the Business Core but not the Business Area of study portion. Also TESU has the requirement of 2.0 cumulative GPA in order to graduate and I believe that includes all RA credit transferred. So by transferring in too many D's you'd be forcing yourself to get good grades for the rest of your RA credits.

The B&M school I attended accepted my D grade and it even counted towards my minor. Their policy is to transfer grades of D also can count anywhere except as English Comp and my Major same as TESU. So made it count it towards my minor, however, the cumulative GPA of all the courses of my minor (including transfer) must equal a 2.0 which is a C average. So by adding the one D grade to my minor that forced to get good grades for the rest of the minor in order to graduate with my minor.

Another local school near me accepts D grades but only as free electives to reach 120 credits and nothing else. Each school has their own policy so check each school.

In general, though, almost no school will accept a grade below C or English Comp I or II. So if you earned a D in English comp you are out or luck and will probably have to take it again.
WOW! I am actually VERY surprised. I never heard of that. I did terrible in Math and Biology classes back in 1992. When I transferred to a college closer to home, those D’s did not transfer and I had to take the classes (or an equivalent) all over again. Cost me an extra year between the credits that didn’t transfer and the couple of D’s I got
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Vle045, each and every school have different requirements and rules... I mean, your previous school may only have allowed at the lowest grade, a C or C-. There are only a few that will allow D grades, and a majority of those schools only allow it to be in the free electives and/or general education courses. I have yet seen anyone allow a D grade in the Area of Study as those determine your concentration or major/minor.
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