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Credits that transfer to University of the People
Hi all

I stumbled upon this forum by chance and have been amazed at how much information is available here. Thank you for all the information i have gained so far. I am currently enrolled at University of the People for the BSBA and was wondering:

Has anyone successfully transfered credit to University of the People? So far I have seen a few courses that transfer.

I am interested in courses from straighterline, saylor,, Davar academy and other similar credit sources that may transfer to the University of the people.
There's been some talk about UofP. It's not one of the more common schools at all.
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Thanks for that thread share.

I read that one and I gathered that from you can transfer environmental science, microeconomics, macroeconomics, art history I, introduction to psychology, introduction to information technology, accounting and principles of finance.

That is a good start Smile
I would suggest not investing a lot of time into potential transfer credits to UoPeople until you know what works. Just try one three-credit course at a time. The administration at UoPeople has some major language barrier issues that makes it difficult to get almost anything done.
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Other Sources: CLEP, Art Portfolio, 3 Comm. Colleges, 2 Art Colleges,  FEMA, AICPCU Ethics
Transfer credits that I had approved:
U.S. Credits (211): University (65), Community college (54), Sophia (52), Study (15), Google (12), TEEX (11), Institutes (2)
ECTS (44): ENEB (40), LUT (2), XAMK (2)

AA, Business Administration
AAS, History AOE
Pro Cert, Google IT Support

B, Religious Studies (NationsUniversity)
BS, Computer Science (University of the People)
MBA (Universidad Isabel I / ENEB)

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