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DHS/FEMA Certified Cyber Security Training (free)
DHS/FEMA Certified Cyber Security Training (free)
I think these are different than the FEMA credits discussed on this forum previously.
Earn Continuing Education Units (CEU) upon course completion
Domestic Preparedness Campus :: Browser Check
This is great info. Thanks!
Thanks -- this is great info!
If this is for college credit, be careful. A lot of colleges do not accept CEUs toward college degree credits/requirements. If you find that it does work, please let us know.
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Sharing Credit-by-Exam*
Resources Used - 20+ Exams Passed & General GRE
Practice Tests - Available for CLEP and DSST

* Link posted with permission from forum admin; thank you!
Wow these look great. Having some experience in this field, I think many people need to not only take the "end user" courses but also many need to really understand the topics under the management/business tier. So many people today treat computers as an appliance and private info as a commodity without realizing how online crime and security exploits really happen.
Community-Supported Wiki(link approved by forum admin)

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2013 switched major to CS, then took a couple years off suddenly.
2015-2017 finished the CS.

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DSST (4): Public Speaking, Business Ethics, Finance, MIS

ALEKS (3): College Algebra, Trig, Stats
UMUC (3): Comparative programming languages, Signal & Image Processing, Analysis of Algorithms
TESU (11): English Comp, Business Law, Macroecon, Managerial Accounting, Strategic Mgmt (BSBA Capstone), C++, Data Structures, Calc I/II, Discrete Math, BA Capstone

Warning: BA Capstone is a thesis, mine was 72 pages about a cryptography topic

Wife pursuing Public Admin cert via CSU.
I already started one of the beginner courses. I'm not doing this for college credit, but for something extra to put on my resume. Of course, I'm not going to put the novice certificates on my resume, just the more advanced ones. It gives you an initial assessment which allows you to skip some of the lessons in which you already have knowledge.
Andy3000,this looks like it might be very interesting. Thanks for letting us know about it. Hey,NAP, no education is ever wasted - even if it doesn't come with college credit!
I did the pre-assessment on one of these this morning and passed it so I was able print out a very official looking certificate without doing the course work. It only took me about 30 minutes to do it. This is through the Texas A&M engineering extension division, so that along with the FEMA and Homeland Security logos it is very impressive. It is also worth CEU's just like the FEMA classes, so for those in law enforcement or EMS these may be worth it for the CEU's alone. Thanks for posting this. I plan to complete them all. I have to do professional development for work and these are fun to boot!
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BSLS - Excelsior 3/10
ASLS - Excelsior 4/09

ECE - A&P - B
ECE - Found. of Gerontology - B
ECE - Ethics: Theory & Practice - B
ECE - Psych. of Adulthood & Aging - A
ECE - Social Psych. - B
ECE - Abnormal Psych. - B
ECE - HR Management - B
ECE - Research Methods of Psych. - B
ECE - Pathophysiology - A

CLEP - American Govt - 58
CLEP - Intro. to Sociology - 63
CLEP - A & I Lit - 70
DSST - Fund. of Counseling - A (65)
DSST - Org. Behavior - A (67)
DSST - Environment & Humanity - A (62)
DSST - Found. of Education - A (64)
DSST - Here's to Your Health - 461 (Pass)
DSST - Substance Abuse - 460 (Pass)
DSST - Principles of Supervision - A (61)
DSST - Lifespan Developmental Psych - A (59)
DSST - Criminal Justice - 443 (Pass)
DSST - MIS - 415 (Pass)
UExcel - Intro. to Psych (Beta)- Pass
ALEKS - College Alg, Stats
Straighterline - Medical Term, Pharmacology I & II
FEMA - PDS + more
Thanks for that link.
I did the pre-assessment for Information Security Basics (AWR-173-W)
and passed with 79% overall.

Not bad considering that security is a small part of my job. But I got 1.3 CEU's for about 45-60 minutes worth time.
Might not be credit, but it will help with the ridiculous requirements of CEU's required to keep these non-sense IT certs active.

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