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DSST exam center couldn't administer test
I took my daughter to our local testing center for her 1st DSST exam. We've taken many CLEPs there. We created an account on the DSST website ( last week in preparation. However, they could not figure out how to login and register my daughter for the test! They were newbies so they called another worker at home and she said we needed to have us "register again." The newbies asked me to create another account. This just seemed like bad advice to me especially since at one point they had logged into her account they just couldn't "find" the test. Why would I need to create a duplicate account on the DSST site? So we left without taking the test and now I need to figure out what went wrong because dd is taking 3 DSSTs this semester. I went to the DSST website and now I can't figure out how to log into her account. Did they change the site? Am I going mad? My questions....

**Does anyone have a DSST account? Can you log in?
**If you can log in, HOW? On their website I see an "admin login" and "sign up for resource center access."

If I can't figure this out tonight I will probably call DSST tomorrow. But maybe someone out there can save me a phone call.

I figured it out! The testing center told me to register at home to save time. But I was registering for the practice test site which is separate. You have to register on site for the exam according to this from the DSST site.

“The first time you sign up for a DSST examination, you have to register as a First Time User, regardless of whether or not you registered for a practice examination previously. Exam registrations for an actual DSST examination are done at the test center. The practice exams and actual DSST examinations are completely separate.”

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I also had this problem. Prometric has a login/testing system for almost every provider. The test exam login for DSST is here:

You can create an account and view your test results at home using this link.

You CANNOT take exams (even though it might make you think you can) without the lockdown application and the proctor code.

I hope this helps!

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