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Dallas County Community College District
For anyone who lives in Texas, DCCCD is an affordable place to earn LL science credits. They have a better selection of online science courses for science majors than NMJC and Clovis do. They have I and II with lab for biology, physics, anatomy and physiology, and chemistry. Sometimes, they offer organic chemistry I and II. They have 8, 9, and 16-week terms during fall and spring. They have 5-week terms during the summer. In May and during the winter break, they have 3 and 4-week terms.

The downside is that even non-degree-seeking students need to go through the admissions process and send all of their transcripts so that DCCCD can determine if they have the required prerequisites. 

Tuition is $59 per credit hour for Dallas County residents and $111 per credit hour for Texas residents outside of Dallas County.
PhD (in progress)
Masters and Graduate Certificate
AAS, AS, BA, and BS
Intro Psych 70, US His I 64, Intro Soc 63, Intro Edu Psych 70, A&I Lit 64, Bio 68, Prin Man 69, Prin Mar 68
Life Dev Psych 62, Fund Coun 68, Intro Comp 469, Intro Astr 56, Env & Hum 70, HTYH 456, MIS 451, Prin Sup 453, HRM 62, Bus Eth 458
Int Alg, Coll Alg
4 credits
Fed Inc Tax, Sci of Nutr, Micro, Strat Man, Med Term, Pub Relations
Sys Analysis & Design, Programming, Cyber
Intro to Comm, Microbio, Acc I
Macro, Intro to Fin, Man Acc

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