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December 1 - New company, new job, still at home!
Wow, I've been working as a contractor/on-contract at my current work-place as a Senior Technical Analyst for a bit over 11 years, since June 2008.   I received my on-boarding info Oct 5th at this new company and have been on a "few weeks" paid stay-cation waiting for the day.  Strange, I feel kinda anxious yet excited, maybe even a bit scared...

It's a far cry from when it all started over two decades ago.  I won't bore you all with the details, but if you're the curious type...  Techexams Link, it's the 2nd last post:

And if you need interview advice: Yes, I am the very introverted type.  This helped me get past the interviews a couple of months ago.  Techexams Link:
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Congrats! Good luck in the new role.

I'm a week into my new role and I'm still "even a bit scared" about the scope of my new work, haha, so i totally understand the feeling. You'll do great though, it's not an uncommon feeling.
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