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Degree Plan for BSBA
Hello everyone, I’m new here and I’m looking for some advice on making a degree plan for a BSBA from COSC. I just got out of the military and I have no college coursework done. I am currently waiting to hear back from NYS about my Pathologists’ Assistant license that I earned through an apprenticeship. My first question is would I be able to get credit for having that license? Because I saw on COSC’s website that they do give credit if you have professional licenses but mine wasn’t listed. Aside from that, lets assume that I don’t get credit for that license and I get minimal credit for my military service. What CLEP and DSST courses can I take to get me as close as I can to the degree. I’ve seen that UExcel courses can be used too, but I’d want to keep those to a minimum since the score of the tests are factored into my GPA. I’ve heard that TECEP is a great option for courses that aren’t covered by CLEP and DSST because it is pass fail and not graded however lacks the same amount of study material. I would prefer to use as many pass fail tests as possible to complete this degree so that my gpa reflects classes that I actually sat for and not just a test. And I’d also like to know what classes I would actually have to take. My goal is to graduate as quickly as possible so I can enter the service again as a commissioned officer. I would have stayed in the service and done this, but my work schedule at the time was too demanding to pursue an education at the same time so I made the decision to get out, pursue a degree, and return to serving . Any and all help will be appreciated, thank you.
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Honestly, there are SO many more options than you have listed. You have several test-only options, but there are tons of other options for taking courses/exams:, Straighterline, Saylor, OnlineDegree, TEEX, Sophia, ALEKS, WGU-Academy, InstantCert Credit, Davar Academy, the list goes on and on. We just found out about a brand new FREE course on Coursera: Google IT Support, that counts as 12cr.

Your best bet is to read this forum for a couple of weeks, maybe a month, and just learn, learn, learn about degree planning, testing out, etc. Then we can help you come up with a feasible plan to get your degree.
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