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Degree Progress 82/123 - Please Check Credit Placements
Hello All,

I think the time has come to have someone check over my sheet and progress and make sure I am mapping courses correctly. Once I get my evaluation I want to know if I should have any courses moved or not. I am attaching my Spreadsheet that shows everything I have done and what's left. I am still awaiting TESU's 25 business day evaluation (which is good still waiting on one course to hit my ACE transcript and need to send CLEP transcript) so I figured in the mean time I could have someone check over my plan.

.xlsx   Less than 1 minute ago">TESU_Sheet.xlsx (Size: 137.85 KB / Downloads: 0)

Thomas Edison State University - BSBA: Accounting - September 2017

B&M: Stats, Business Law I, Microeconomics, Business Comm, Computer Concepts and Apps, Financial Accounting, Intermediate Accounting II, Managerial Accounting, Not-for-Profit Accounting
CLEP: Sociology, Psychology, Marketing, College Comp Modular, Human Growth and Development
Institutes: Ethics 312
Aleks: Intermediate Algebra, College Algebra, PreCalculus
Shmoop: U.S. History I, U.S. History II, Modern European History Principles of Finance, Advanced Accounting I, Applied Managerial Accounting, American Government, Macroeconomics, Principles of Management, Globalization and International Management, English Composition II, Intro to Computing, Public Speaking, Info Systems and Comp Apps
SL: Intermediate Accounting I, Introduction to Religon, Cost Accounting, Western Civilization I/II
TECEP: Strategic Management, Federal Income Tax

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