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Degree advice for my son
(03-30-2020, 05:54 PM)bsinsc Wrote:
(03-30-2020, 05:25 PM)darthweezy Wrote: I'm pretty sure your son's situation is very close to mine. I have adhd, low grades and did not function well in the school setting. When I transferred my classes to TESU my F's do not show up obviously and they will only take D's as long as the avg stays above a 2.0. So most of those if not all of the credits should come in.

I followed lots of folks advice on here but mainly went with bjcheung77's plan on all LL courses. For the UL BALS-SS I did my UL classes with TEEX Death Investigation course at Coopersmith (Great provider! It was by far the best option for my style of learning which is cram all the studying in and then take a single test). After starting in Jan 19 with around 55 credits I just submitted my final paper for capstone and should graduate in June.

Congratulations!!!! Best of luck to you. I hope my son can do the same.

He can y'all just need to figure out what motivates him.

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