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Dev Mountain: 3 credits LL(ACE) in Web Design for $49
ACE listing for Dev Mountain Coding Basics:

Coding Basics:

It's a 4-week intro course covering HTML, CSS, and JS that most likely acts as their trial/sample class to attract potential students to their full-length boot camps and give them a chance to try out their program. It looks like there're set class times, but if anyone wants to check to see if you can just watch recordings on your own time and submit assignments that way, I'm sure the board would appreciate it...

Also, one of DevMountain's full length boot camps appears to be worth 15 credits. I think it's a good idea that these boot camps are at least offering ACE credits so that grads can potentially transfer to a degree later on.
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This would be a great option for those interested in IT/Web Design, etc, especially if it will transfer in as part of an emphasis or focus for one of the Associates degrees that we recommend, such as the Pierpont BOG AAS or the UMPI AALS, etc. Devmountain is a sister company of, as it's owned by Strayer. I would go for this particular course in addition to the certs from Google/IBM and get an IS/IT emphasis... You can compare their programs, $49, $4900 and $9900 respectively for each of their programs:
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