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Dine College: $55 per credit hour
Anyone have additional background on this?

Would individual courses be available to non-degree seeking students who are not Native American?

This is the only info. I have been able to find. It looks good to me, but, obviously, someone will have to try it out.
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Any updates about this?
SweetsugarNL Wrote:Any updates about this?

Um, what particular or specific updates were you looking for? I don't think anyone here has taken their courses, the majority of them are face to face/butt in seat and the ones that are online, most of them are already available with the alternative credits. They only have a selective few that are online.

I was looking at their Upper Level Biology course for 4 UL credits, the course itself can be done remotely, but the lab has to be done in person, which defeats the purpose of going to that school for alternative/online credit... I have crossed it off my list of prospective cheap credits or schools that offer it entirely online.
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I find this interesting from a news release:

"This school year, the schools will be working on adding five master’s degree programs by Fall 2021,”

Perhaps their online offerings will also grow soon.
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