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Diploma/Graduation date
(11-23-2021, 05:41 PM)ss20ts Wrote:
(11-23-2021, 05:04 PM)NoStudentNoCry Wrote: unrelated: cpoteraske, ss20ts - why do you use the plural form "alumni" in your sig? It's "alumnus" for males, and "alumna" for females as Latin uses gender-specific forms. If you want to be referred in a gender-neutral way, an informal "alum" should do the trick.

Why do you care? Quite frankly, it's none of your business. Feel free to scroll on by.

None of my business, yes. Frankly, anything discussed on this board is none of anyone's business, and yet people come here to express their opinions and to ask questions.
But oh well, you do you if you feel like snapping at me over minor reason.
BAS, UMPI, 2021
AAS, Pierpont C&TC, 2021

ACE (119): Sophia, 93; TEEX, 5; SDC, 12; ACTFL, 6
RA (49): ASU, 7; ONU, 3; UMPI, 39
NA (16+3) : UoPeople, 16; Penn Foster, 3 (taking)
Next steps:
1. Spring'22 - jumping on the-free-term-at-STC bandwagon!
2. Spring'22 - starting MSML @ WGU!

Family members work on degrees at Ashworth, TESU, Purdue, UMPI
(11-23-2021, 03:34 PM)Taymass Wrote:
(11-23-2021, 01:44 AM)bjcheung77 Wrote:
Taymass Wrote:Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my degree!!!! ....And with all this free time, enrolled back into another YourPace program for January LOL!

<sending you subliminal messages>
Meditate, let the body and mind relax, patience my friend, the degree will come soon enough.
BTW, was History your first choice but went for the BLS just because it was faster?

It actually was not. I chose the BLS to be done quickly and took several UL history courses.. and found that I LOVE history! So I figured why not go ahead and complete that degree.

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(11-23-2021, 12:17 AM)ss20ts Wrote:
(11-22-2021, 11:24 PM)Taymass Wrote: Still anxiously awaiting the arrival of my degree!!!! ....And with all this free time, enrolled back into another YourPace program for January LOL!

From the term we're currently in? Or the first one of this semester? Have patience. There's 1 person who does this for 2 universities. It takes several weeks. UMPI will be closed Wednesday - Sunday due to the holiday.

I completed my BLS after the first term of the semester— the one that was over at the end of October. I had a job offer that I needed the degree for so they “awarded it” on Oct 26 (and literally doubled my pay with the new job!!!). It’s just a piece of paper but I can’t wait to get it. Smile

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That’s where I am at too. Double pay job offer but they need the degree. I am grateful they allowed to push start day until January so I can be done. I have been honking down the last few classes.

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Goal: BA in Liberal Arts and ASBA in Business Administration @ TESC
In progress:
Liberal Capstone (finishing Dec 2014)
Clep Marketing (Sched 11/7)
DSST Ethics in America (Sched 11/7)

CLEP 12: Eng Comp; Computer Applications
Straighterline 81 credits, 27 classes: Accounting 1 & 2; Anatomy & Physiology 1 & 2: Business Communications; Business Ethics; Business Law; Anthropology; Economics 1 & 2; Biology; Business; Environmental Sciences; Nutrition; Philosophy; Religions; Sociology; Organizational Behavior; Principles Management; US History 1 & 2; Western Civilization 1 & 2; Microbiology; Medical Terminology; Psychology; Criminal Justice
TEEX 6 credits: ALL
ALEKS 12/18 credits: Inter & Col Algebra; PreCalculus; all 3 statistics
BM 13: ENG 1, Legal Terminology, Stategic Thinking, Info Lit
FEMA 30 credits: completed in 2012 and 2013 ( too bad they won't transfer now, waited too long)
Kaplan 3 : PLA
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