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Do you have to write a lot of papers at COSC?
(08-06-2022, 10:57 AM)withrown Wrote: At COSC, I only took 2 classes (cornerstone and business capstone) and wrote a couple of really low-level papers in cornerstone and 3 in the capstone. For the cornerstone, English comp 1 level. For the capstone, roughly English comp 2 level. COSC comes with a membership to if you need to beef up your papers.

Well, that's awesome for COSC and, I never knew they had that type of access... When the Admissions Director or Director of Admissions retired, I didn't even bother contacting COSC about their changes.  Good to know something "new".  I guess if you can still do just the Cornerstone/Capstone with COSC and transfer everything in "alternative credit" friendly along with the 24 RA credits, they should still be a pretty good deal, even with some undesirable changes... Offer
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