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EC Wants Me To Do 34 Credits Despite Having 100+ Credits
I would choose EC over TESU as EC's BSLA degree allows for 60cr of General Electives, while TESU only allows for 27cr. That means that if TESU were to bring in your credits the same way EC does (with the music courses as Free Electives, for certain the Auto courses will come in that way), you're at 46cr there, plus the 3 UL courses & Dev Effective Teams puts you at 56cr - so TESU will throw out 29cr. Add to that the fact that your 3 UL courses will not count for anything - TESU doesn't include those as applicable to the UL needed in the AoS - and you're right back where you started.

You are MUCH better off sticking with EC or possibly switching to COSC (not sure of that).

I just plugged credits into TESU, and I show you needing 33cr in GE, 9cr UL AoS courses, and 15cr of LL AoS courses - so you need 60cr to finish at TESU. Add to that the fact that TESU is more expensive, and I can't see why anyone would switch at this point, even if they take your 10cr of music in GE.


People are almost always better off at COSC or EC for a BALS/BSLS than at TESU, for cost alone, not to mention the flexibility at EC/COSC for this degree.
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RE: EC Wants Me To Do 34 Credits Despite Having 100+ Credits - by dfrecore - 05-29-2021, 06:17 PM

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