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ECE's and TECEP's
I checked previous posts and I didn't see anything on this or I found contradictory info so I need to ask this question for confirmation. I just got off the phone w/Excelsior and they said to get an A for any of their ECE's, I would need to answer just about all the questions on the test correctly. For a B, I would need to answer approximately 85% of the questions correctly. On another post, I noticed someone stated they received an "A" by answering 116 out of 160 which contradicts what I was told. Many of you have experience in this area, could you please give me a general idea of grading. Also, when I called Pearson Vue, they can't (or won't) give me an idea how far out the test will be from when I call them until I have a code from Excelsior stating I registered for the course. I'm just asking generally how long (once again, just a general idea, ballpark) from when I call Pearson Vue would I have to wait to schedule an exam. I'd just like to know for study purposes. TESC said I would need to schedule at least 1 month out if not 2 just to make sure I could get in. So, basically, could a few of the "experts" give me some insight into this very secretive and delicate operation? You can answer covertly if you must. Thank you, I appreciate any info.

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ECE's and TECEP's - by Gary - 02-05-2008, 04:09 PM
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ECE's and TECEP's - by Gary - 02-05-2008, 09:17 PM

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