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ENG-298 Jane Austen:Pride & Prejudice at TESU
Hi, I have a question about ENG-298, since I need only 1 credit in the electives and this would fit perfectly, since there are only 2 courses of one credit available at this moment at TESU (and I already completed TES-100, which satisfies its own category as cornerstone), also the Jane Austen course allows me to re-enroll and be able to see all my transferred credits that right now do not appear in my academic evaluation.         Ok here's the question, the syllabus gives all the info to start the course including books to read (which I already own. the very same edition suggested), but for the final paper, is there a way to know the details of it prior of registering, so that when I start the course I already completed it? Has anyone done it this way, since I am taking more than one course at the time, I am just afraid of deadlines when it comes to written papers, and if paper is written prior, knowing the guidelines, it is still my work, and I will still need to submit it through Turnitin once the course starts. Are the three topics always the same ones or they change? would like some input from those who have already completed the class. (I have also already completed ENC-102 so I am all familiar with MLA style, turnitin, and so on). The syllabus says for full details see the Final Project section, but then it doesn't provide them, do they unlock once enrolled in the course?  Thanks in advance.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   Jane Austen: Pride and Prejudice requires you to write a final paper that you must submit at the end of the course. You have a choice of three topics for your final paper, which should be between 4–5 double-spaced, typed pages in length. For full details regarding the final paper, see the Final Project section.

Note: some websites like Course Hero can unlock some of the info but it is not free, but all I need to know is the three topics, then anyone who has done essay writing knows where to go from there, just trying to cut on the time, and stay within the deadline, and without breaking the rules, since I am going tuition by credit, and so I would pay $300 for this class.

Keeping into account 5 pages= 1,250 words (double spaced)
PLA-100 might be another option.
(02-14-2020, 12:12 PM)S2106 Wrote: PLA-100 might be another option.

Thanks, yes, I kept it into account, but since I like literature and know I would find this rather easy, (own book too), I really wanted to take the Jane Austen one (maximizing the time I have to complete the course).

Plus, if I can skip PLA-100 and take directly PLA-200, that was my plan, as I can take courses, up to 12 SH that will go towards other categories that need completion, all at a lower cost.

I am also taking English Lit CLEP and Analyzing & Interpreting Lit CLEP next month.

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