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Easiest/ Quickest Psychology Degree Plan?
Okay, I know I'm asking a lot of questions on here but it's only after hours of research and coming to the end of my rope, so please forgive me if I'm annoying.

Here's my question (and I'm asking for another family member of mine who's interested in earning an accelerated. She's an adult).

What's the easiest/ cheapest/ quickest degree plan for a BA in psychology?

She's opened to any school but has heard a lot about Arizona State University. I know there's the whole Starbucks tuition benefit, but is that the best option?

Thanks in advance. You all are the best!
Does she have any existing credits? List those please grouped by source, with year (if old) and number of credits

TESU has BALS with Psychology concentration,
COSC has BS Psychology
But I'm not sure if all you can test out all courses.
UMPI has no fast Psychology degree
EC does, not sure how many use that

I'm pretty sure others will help you, with the tuition benefits and more specific plans.
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TESU also has a BA Psych degree plan (not just BALS with concentration) on the wiki. Because of the lower number of UL credits that are required, that would likely be the fastest and cheapest way to get a degree.

You can get at least most of the way to a COSC Psych degree but it is much harder because they no longer accept Coopersmith for credit. You also have to take statistics specifically from them, which makes the process more difficult.

I don't think that ASU's Psych degree could be accelerated at all. Maybe a few CLEP exams but that is it. The Starbucks benefit is good, sure, but I'm fairly certain that it would take a full 4 years to earn a degree through ASU that way.
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I would look into EC's current degree plans.  I was able to earn most of the UL credits for my BSLA from Coopersmith (the majority from Psych courses, which I enjoyed) and I had several others approved by my advisor, but didn't need them.  Coopersmith is an excellent source for low-cost, self-paced UL Psych courses, as long as you're a self-starter willing to do some reading.
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EC is going to be the cheapest, TESU will be next; both will be easy to find credits. Both will be fast.

I just think on this forum, we have the most info about TESU, making it the easiest to earn for that reason.
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I’m actually doing this now through excelsior. I’m getting most my credits from coopersmith and transferring them. I do have previous credits though.
One question is what is the ultimate goal? Many people erroneously believe that one has to have a BA in psychhology to go on to a masters in some form of mental health counseling (MFT/LPCC/LCSW). And this is not actually the case. So depending on what she is actually after, there may be more options (easier and cheaper) if she does not actually *need* the psych undergrad.

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