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Ece World Conflicts
I am studying for ECE World Conflicts and finding it pretty difficult.There are too many minute details and too many situations that need to be known.
If anyone has taken this exam,please give me some tips.
I know that there is an excellent thread by urbannaja about this exam and i am using the advice posted there but i was wondering if anyone took this exam after that..that is in the last few months.
Thanks a lot,
if you don't read the books and learn the guys theories you will do bad. I made a C just using complete idiots guide and wikipedia... I wanted an A. Sad
Thanks for the reply,
By theories do you mean the Marxism,Functionalism theories?
Do i need to know all the minute details about the conflicts or only knowing the big picture will be sufficient?
I can't disclose test content, but I would highly recommend that you know about the theories that are presented in the EXE study guide from the writers of the books that the test is based on. The idiots guide doesn't deal with any of those theories. Alot that is discussed in the study guide is what I would focus on.

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