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Economics is so last week
Yeah but its progressive in that those who pay the most in taxes are ineligible for the transfer payment. I would take advantage of it if I could but I am ineligible due to the amount of taxes I pay each year.
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Maniac Craniac Wrote:YouTube, ACDCleadership's channel. This guy is amazing! He is a high school economics teacher, and fittingly his videos are geared toward the AP economics exams. Of course, they 100 percent fit the study needs of someone looking to take the CLEP. What he does is, just as he purports to do, explain key economic concepts in 60 seconds or less (with rock music playing in the background- loads of fun!!!), then takes another minute or two to give you some examples to help solidify your understanding. NO JOKE- THIS IS HANDS-DOWN THE BEST VIDEO LECTURE SERIES YOU CAN FIND ON ECONOMICS. Trust me, here. Look on the CLEP exam guide topics, read it in your text book or on the internet, then take two minutes to watch one of his rapid-fire videos and you will see for yourself!!

I'm glad I was looking through old threads, this resource looks amazing! I'm studying for Macro now, and was looking for something a little more audio/video based to complement my readings. Big Grin
This is a great resource. Both my daughter & I enjoyed watching these videos and felt they were a major value with Aleks Stat & Straighterline Macro/Micro.
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