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I need to complete a class for an English 2 or 3 OR a Communications class.

Any recommendations on one that is quick and easy?
Business Communications from or the Tech Writing DSST.
Working On:  WGU BSCSIA (started 10/1/2018) (118/122)
Journey Thread:

(07-11-2018, 04:14 PM)BSBRose21 Wrote: I need to complete a class for an English 2 or 3 OR a Communications class.

Any recommendations on one that is quick and easy?

have you looked to see what kinds of alternative credits your school accepts? If you know that, it's easier to make recommendations.
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Premed/Prenursing Sciences, 2011 Ocean County College, NJ
BA Social Science, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ
AA General Studies, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ
AOS Culinary Arts,1990 Culinary Institute of America, NY

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It is Pierpont for the Associates BOG. This is the last class that I need to take.
They took the DSST for my 2nd English class. I took the test cold.
Working On:  WGU BSCSIA (started 10/1/2018) (118/122)
Journey Thread:

Communications 120 on was a pretty quick and easy course when it comes to length and ease of questions on the final proctored exam. Took me a week to finish, but I was really taking my time with it. I'm pretty sure that it would take some people less time to finish.

6 chapters, 32 lessons and 27 quizzes is one of the shortest courses that has to offer.
TESU B.A. in Liberal Studies 

Analyzing & Interpreting Literature (CLEP)
Nutrition & Health - Body Sculpting With Diet & Exercise (OnlineDegree)

English Comp. 101 (Rowan College @ BC) - 3 cr.
312N-H Ethics (The Institutes) - 2cr.
Communications 120: Presentation Skills in the Workplace ( - 3 cr.
College Algebra (ALEKS) - 3 cr.
The Essentials of Managing Conflict (Sophia) - 1 cr.
Developing Effective Teams (Sophia) - 1 cr.
Q0118 - Community Safety Educators (NFA) - 1 cr.
Cyber 101: Cybersecurity for Everyone (TEEX) - 2 cr.
Cyber 201: Cybersecurity for IT (TEEX) - 2 cr.
Cyber 301: Cybersecurity for Business (TEEX) - 2cr.
Ancient Greek Philosophy (Sophia) - 3 cr.
= 23/60
Communications 120 on was the fastest, if you already did public speaking, it can be completed in an afternoon.
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Straighterline (27 Cr): Eng Com I II, Ameri Gov,  Reli,  Nutri, Envi Sci, Cul Ant, Med Ter, IT Fund 
Shmoop (18 Cr): Hist Tech, Hu Sex, Med Lit, Bible Lit, Prof Wrtng, E-Comm
Sophia (11 Cr): Col Alg, Info Tech, Pub Speak, Effe Teams, Manag Con
TEEX (4 Cr): Cyb Secu Ever, IT Prof.  Aleks (9 Cr): Beg. Alg, Inter. Alg, Trig
ED4Credit (3 Cr): Man Info Sys   CPCU (2 Cr): Ethics
TESU (4 Cr): Corner, Capstone (21 Cr): Pres. Skills, C Programming, Discrete Math, Comp Arch, Intro Op Sys, DB Man, Sys Analy, Calculus (IP)
Local B&M College (46 Cr)

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