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English vs. Journalism
(07-05-2019, 11:05 AM)elbebopkid Wrote: My dream goal is being a tv sportscaster....

then get in shape and become an olympic athlete or play a sport professionally
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(07-05-2019, 11:05 AM)elbebopkid Wrote: ...
When soliciting advice for transitioning into more TV/broadcast work, older wiser people insisted to really get anywhere, or be taken seriously for positions, I would need a Journalism degree. I have my doubts on whether that's really true, given my existing portfolio of experience. It seems like a degree would be redundantly throwing away money getting a sheepskin for something I already know how to do. In researching it, it seems journalism degrees aren't really all that respected....yet most people in the jobs that I'd want DO have them.

I suspect it's like a lot of other fields. You can get by without, and the degree isn't going to set you apart from the crowd...however you may sometimes run into gatekeepers that will exclude you because you don't have a degree or the right degree. That's one of the big reasons we do what we do here. We help people check the box and satisfy the gatekeepers without having to go into massive debt or leave the working world to go to school full time.

I expect you could make either degree work for you. Given your goals, if everything else was equal, I'd recommend the journalism degree. You'll have to weigh whether the extra expense of doing it over English is worth it to you.
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To me, English seems much easier to complete.

However, maybe you can get 9 to 12 credits (or more) through PLA toward a Journalism degree. That could make Journalism more worth it.

I think Journalism is worth it, given your goals.
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