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Enrollment with Capstone or 400+ Before Credit Evaluation?
Has anyone enrolled by taking the Capstone or a level 400 course without having waited for their their credit evaluation to be finished? Will TESU let you do that? I've applied and am waiting for acceptance. Once accepted I'd like to enroll right away in order to try to avoid the cornerstone class. I know that I will have to take the Capstone, and possibly 1-2 other UL courses for Liberal Studies. Of course there may be other classes or tests to take depending on the evaluation, but I KNOW I'll have to take the Capstone. Has anyone been allowed to start with that?
*raises hand* can anyone answer this question?
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The TESU website states: "Advisory: students should have completed or be near to completing all of their study requirements before enrolling in this course."

So I think that'd be fine.

Edited to add: You apply, then you send in your credits and get them evaluated, then you enroll by signing up for the course. Or at least that is what I was advised to do.
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No need to wait for the eval if you're confident that you're talking the right courses.
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Thanks guys Smile
BSBA Accounting at TESU - 121/121
Graduated June 2018!

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