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Environment and the race to save the planet
Does anyone know if this course would qualify at Thomas Edison as a science course? Iam looking for an easier way out than natural science or biology!!!!!!:eek:
I really am hoping someone can confirm for me that TESC treats this course as a science course. SIRJAKE in your posting you just did, it shows up as a science course and Iam thinking about taking this and maybe physical science instead of a biology or natural science. Ideas..insights..opinions. Thanks.
As far as I can tell, yes, it would take care of the science requirement. Before I took Natural Sciences and Biology, my "Intro to computers" course was taking care of three of those credit requirements (it was subsequently pushed into my electives).

Though, I have to say that I would think that taking two Dantes tests would be much, much harder than just the natural sciences CLEP. In my experience, CLEP's seem much easier than Dantes tests over all. Unless you've already failed the NS test, I'd at least give that a try before trying to take on two Dantes tests.
I do a " great" job of psyching myself out..then ,like alot of us I realize that something has to get done.... so finally I quit crying about it and get it done! This is one of those times , but what a P-A-I-N!!!:confused:
If you can I recommend taking TE's Gloabla Environmental Change Science class for 6 credits and then taking DSST Environment and Humanity. The class covers much of what is needed for the exam. If you don't like science like me you can knock out your science requirement in no time. My advisor has already said that I can do both the class and the exam since they are difffernt course codes.

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