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Environmental Ethics ETH-210-TE Tecep
jmgst71 Wrote:Someone actually PM'd me and said they used Saylor to prepare and passed by a good margin. So I don't know what to believe, but I am already using Saylor a little bit. Mostly I've been reading a textbook that's really more a collection of essays.

Not everyone approaches the material in the same way so people won't have the exact same experience. Plus I guess there aren't enough people who have taken the exam to really know how aligned it is with the Saylor class. I was advised that it is and that's one of the reasons I signed up for it. I need this along with the 3 other TECEPs to meet the residency requirement for the per-credit tuition plan to get my AA degree. So I will be getting comfy and cozy with the Saylor material and getting ready to take the exam hopefully next week. I am going to do my best!
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I wrote and passed this with an 88% a couple of weeks ago. This was the 7th and final TECEP I had to write. In comparison to the others, it was the most difficult because there wasn't a single textbook you could use like the others I wrote. The most difficult part of the studying was not knowing what areas to concentrate on the most. The essay questions were a bit of a wildcard, unlike multiple choice a lucky guess won't do. I really enjoyed the course and often read additional material that wasn't included in Saylor.
3 of the 4 essay questions were things that I had studied, the remaining one was on something I had never heard of. I wrote a few sentences using a lot of words from the question itself and mixed in a few other things keeping it as vague as possible. I'm curious how I did on that one, it looks like I must have gotten a few points based on my final grade.
If you're not sure if this course is for you, spend a bit of time reading about things like Hetch Hetchy (Muir/Pinchot), Aldo Leopold's The Land Ethic, Garret Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons. (Those aren't the essay questions, just a few topics to give you a feel for the course) If you find the material fascinating, go for it. If it's a total bore for you, maybe choose something else.
I will say reading about Leopold, Hardin, Singer, the Muir/Pinchot rivalry, ecofeminism, environmental justice, and the like have all really been interesting. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing too much pleasure reading and not enough studying on the topic.
jmgst71 Wrote:I will say reading about Leopold, Hardin, Singer, the Muir/Pinchot rivalry, ecofeminism, environmental justice, and the like have all really been interesting. Sometimes I wonder if I'm doing too much pleasure reading and not enough studying on the topic.

You should be fine. I was the same way, I think I'll continue reading more on this subject even though I'm finished. It was the most interesting part of completing my degree.
What's going on everyone? Johnvan congrats on passing this tecep. I was so upset when I failed. I thought the exam would be more aligned to the Saylor exam for the multiple choice and I only knew two of the four essays. I went straight to the essays and was shocked right away, because I only knew two of the four. I watched a couple of minutes of some videos. The videos were long and some did not work and printed out all of the material they offered for the course. I had a lot on my plate at the time and plan to retake it again in the future or take one of the exams Sanantone or Bricabac recommended for ethics. Johnvan how much time did you put into studying for this exam?
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jawbreakingrr Wrote:Johnvan how much time did you put into studying for this exam?

I actually studied quite a bit over the course of a few months. Often it would be just sitting down to watch a video or reading a few web pages. I agree that a lot of the videos were terrible so I skipped quite a few. There were a lot of broken links in the Saylor course too. If I didn't like the video or the link was broken I would read the description and then try and find a video or article online that covered the same material. I was able to find much better videos on Youtube that covered the same material. If one of the Saylor reading assignments was too long-winded I would jump online and search for something more concise.
Well, I passed, but only got a 76. I think the multiple choice is actually what tripped me up; it made me wish I had watched Erin Brockovich, among other things. The essays were pretty much about the "big" items in environmental ethics as posted previously.

EDIT: Oh, and for comparison, I got an 88 on the Saylor exam. The TECEP I took was much more detailed.
I also took the exam today, I thought it was terrible. I was not aware of the fact you could not go back to a section after you already pressed submit. I even asked the proctor if I could go back and he said yes. That alone may have cost me the test. I was also not aware of the fact you can't us spell check on the test, there is no right click. I was so focused on some of the dumbest words spelled wrong it was distracting. I did study all of the material provided by saylor, and for the most part I thought it was pretty interesting. I just know I failed. Any extra help from those of you that passed?? Thanks in advance.
Not to be a jerk, but the test instructions are pretty clear that you can't go back once you've turned in a section. The ProctorU people aren't going to be the best source of knowledge on any one college's procedures; I'm sure they proctor for about 1,000 different colleges.

Saylor just isn't enough; their exam is far easier than the TECEP. Reading the recommended textbook(s) is probably a necessity. I wouldn't have passed if I didn't.

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