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Environmental Ethics ETH-210-TE Tecep
I am enrolled in TESU for my nursing degree. Only 3 classes to go plus the Ethics TECEP.
mrsbethany1 Wrote:I am enrolled in TESU for my nursing degree. Only 3 classes to go plus the Ethics TECEP.

Wow! You are getting very near, hope you do well on those three courses and that TECEP.
Have you reviewed the courses or the TECEP recommended materials?
Find a library or online bookstore with a used version of any of these recommend books.
It's in the test description for the TECEP.
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mrsbethany1 Wrote:I am enrolled in TESU for my nursing degree. Only 3 classes to go plus the Ethics TECEP.

Then why not pay only $25 and take the Saylor exam as opposed to the $114 TECEP?
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Where is the guide you used?
Can't find a post from a user named gingerbeef Sad
I bought a textbook on Environmental Ethics for a couple of dollars ( It aligns with the Saylor assessments and gives me in depth understanding. I am planning to do the Saylor practice final exam tonight to see if I need to study more. I also use Quizlet and a couple chapters from this site for the chapter quizzes Chapter 14: Environmental Ethics | Doing Ethics: W. W. Norton StudySpace . Good luck on the TECEP Environmental Ethics!
The Short Version:
- Read the Saylor content, skip the videos if you don’t have the time. Take the Saylor practice exams multiple times and memorize the answers.
- From the TECEP test description PDF, look at the “Topics on the test” and “Outcomes assessed on the test” areas to help you focus your area of study.
- Rent “Environment: The Science Behind the Stories” from Amazon and focus on the real world stories at the beginning/end of each chapter. Skip the other books.
- I put a lot of effort into studying (80 hours over 12 weeks) and passed with an 88%. I think I could have cut the hours in half and still passed.
- Two of my essay questions were pretty much just giving the definitions for items listed in the key concepts. The other two required you to apply the concepts and provide examples.

The Long Version:

This was my first TECEP exam so I had no idea what to expect. Thank you to all the previous posters in the forum for your advice, it was all very helpful and thanks to your tips I passed with an 88%.

My original plan was to do a little bit of reading/studying every day over the 12 week semester and take the exam on the last day of the semester. I was only going to rely on the Saylor materials and did not plan on getting any textbooks. I came up with an elaborate plan of studying 10 hours a week for 12 weeks based on the estimated course schedule on the Saylor site. Initially I did very well keeping with the schedule, but after two weeks I got way behind with all the videos. I ended up scrapping the original plan and just took two full days to read all the content on the Saylor site (Sat/Sun, 12 hours each day). I skipped all the videos and used alternate sources (mainly Wikipedia) to get the gist of the topics covered by the videos. I then took the practice exam 3 times over several weeks and got to the point where I had memorized all the answers and could pass with a 100 on Saylor. It was at this point where I started to read all of these forum postings and got nervous that Saylor was not enough to pass the TECEP.

I decided to spend some money and get the three books listed in the test description PDF. For me, these two books were a waste of money:
- Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory and Application by Pojman
- Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really Works by Schmidtz

They are collections of essays from many different writers and this does not fit my style. I was never one that did well with those reading comprehension tests and these books are for people that can extract the essence of a story without having to use bold and italics to point out the key words. I need the bold words and vocabulary lists, which is why the third book was best for me:
- Environment: The Science Behind the Stories by Withgott

I rented the latest version from Amazon and it was much more my style. While there is a lot of scientific information that is not relevant to this class, each chapter begins and ends with stories that talk about environmental challenges in the world today. These stories helped me understand some of the concepts I was studying from Saylor and did help with one of the essay questions. Out of the 18 chapters in the book, only 4 or 5 of them directly applied to the TECEP exam, but I didn’t mind reading them all. I skimmed through the chapters that didn’t line up with the key concepts listed in the test description.

All said and done, I think I spent about 40 hours going through the Saylor materials, 20 hours on the Withgott book, and then 20 hours using other random sites that I have listed below. Looking back, I could have cut back on the Saylor materials and spent less time on Withgott and still passed.

When I took the test, I found that 30 of the 40 multiple choice questions were right in line with what I had studied and easy to answer. I struggled with some of the ethics and religion ones even though I had studied them on Saylor. There were a few questions that I know I missed just because the answers were all very similar and you had to understand the finer points of a philosophy, law, or organization to get it correct. I was fine missing these questions as my end goal was just to pass and I knew that I had gotten the majority of the questions right.

I was most nervous about the essays, but they were manageable. Two of them were pretty much asking for the definition of concepts or explaining theories. The topics themselves were all listed in the TECEP test description so they were not a surprise. The other two questions required some thought as you had to apply some of the theories to a situation and explain how someone who supported theory X would respond vs someone who believed in Y. While the topics were listed in key concepts and learning outcomes, these were harder for me because I had to apply what I had learned through studying. Since my study process was to memorize lots of facts and to regurgitate answers, I struggled on these questions a bit. In the end, I estimated that I got two questions completely right, and was hoping I picked up a few points on the other two. At that point, I was very confident that I passed the test but was still on edge until I saw the results for sure.

I got my grade about a week after taking the test and was pleasantly surprised that I got an 88. I was expecting in the 70s but I may have done better on the essays than I originally estimated. My goal was just to pass and it seems like I could have cut back on the study time and still met my objective. Here are some details on the study materials I used and some optional ones that you may find helpful.

To help you focus your study efforts, look at the key concepts and bullets in the TECEP test description in these sections:
- Topics on the test and their approximate distribution
- Outcomes assessed on the test

Here are some links to study materials and videos (I skipped the videos but others may find them helpful):
Glossary of Terms in Environmental Ethics
UI 429 Environmental Ethics
UI 429* Environmental Ethics
Chapter 1: Science and Sustainability: An Introduction to Environmental Science
Chapter 14: Environmental Ethics | Doing Ethics: W. W. Norton StudySpace
Ethics and Sustainability :: UC Irvine, OpenCourseWare
Greening Aid? Understanding the Environmental Impact of Development Assistance :: UC Irvine, OpenCourseWare
Knowledge and Environmental Policy :: UC Irvine, OpenCourseWare
The Psychology of Sustainability :: UC Irvine, OpenCourseWare

Thanks to johnvan, gingerbeefE, ilovejamaica for your tips. Here is a quick summary of what I took away from them. Just keep in mind this is not a complete list of what to study, but there are certainly popular items that will show up:
- Copenhagen Accord
- Biocentric/ecocentric preservation vs anthropologic
- metaethics
- Deep Ecology
- Gaia Theory
- Environmental Justice
- sustainable development & its model
- John Muir -The Yosemite vs Gifford Pinchot – The Fight for Conservation
- Erin Brockovich
- Rachel Carson - Silent Spring
- Ruth Harrison-Animal Machines
- Hetch Hetchy
- Muir/Pinchot
- Aldo Leopold's The Land Ethic
- Garret Hardin's Tragedy of the Commons.
- Studying names, terms, dates, purpose of legislation
- Religions and Ethics

Good luck and I hope you find this helpful!

PS - If anyone wants to buy my copies of these books, send me a message. They are wasting space on my bookshelf and are priced to move.
- Environmental Ethics: Readings in Theory and Application by Pojman
- Environmental Ethics: What Really Matters, What Really Works by Schmidtz
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GREAT first post, and fabulously helpful advice!
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Hello everybody.

I literally followed iji239ds1's advice and I passed with a 91%! Almost everything that he mentioned was on the test and I was able to use it as a fantastic study guide. The 2 books that are recommended did not help me much but the one that he recommended that had stories really helped me. All the concepts he mentioned were on there for the most part. 4 essays for me. My strongest point was the multiple choice and I ran out of time for the essays especially the last one. I did the pen/paper test so writing as fast as I could was very stressful. The Saylor website is the best way to study the material and I also used quizlet ALOT and understood the main concepts. Was not as bad as I thought but I do wish there was more time. Maybe 2.5 hours would be a bit better.

Feel free to PM me with ANY questions! I just took it so I have a pretty good recollection of what you are responsible for.

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