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Ethics of listing degree(s) on resume
I don't see many resumes, but in conversation I always hear both the system and campus mentioned. It's never just "cal state" or "LA"... It's Cal State LA, Cal State San Bernardino, Cal State Long Beach, etc.

Likewise it's always UC Irvine or UCLA, never just "Irvine" or LA.
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(09-22-2017, 01:43 PM)Thorne Wrote: I've been looking forward to finishing up my BS from WGU, and some of the best-value in-state programs I can find for graduate studies are from good university systems, but have no name recognition on their own.

When listing my BS on resume, I'm not specifically saying I obtained a degree from WGU-Texas, simply because it doesn't seem like it changes anything. At the same time, the MBA program I'm currently interested in is the UT Permian Basin MBA. The program is (1) fully online, (2) reasonably inexpensive, (3) AACSB accredited, (4) in-state, and (5) a normal MBA, rather than an Executive/Professional MBA (which several of my HR buddies say looks odd compared to an MBA).

However, only one person I know has even heard of UTPB. Almost everyone I've asked is aware of the University of Texas system, but never the Permian Basin campus. I suppose, therefore, that my question is whether or not it is unethical to simply omit the campus name from the resume. I mean, something along the lines of "Master of Business Administration, University of Texas" appears (to me) to be much more recognizable than saying, "Master of Business Administration, University of Texas at Permian Basin," but I may be horribly off-base.

This could probably apply to any large university system (UT, TAMU, UC, CSU, and so on), hence why I'm posting here.


Just one: no.

If the way you list the degree changes the meaning for the reader, then don't do it. Having a degree from that UT campus is NOT the same as having one from UT--which everyone recognizes as the one in Austin. 

If you earn a degree from UC Riverside, you do NOT list it as merely the "University of California." That's universally recognized as the one in Berkeley and distinct from all other UC campuses. The UT system is the same thing.
And sometimes there's a marked difference between institutions in the same network. UVA Wise is a very different experience than UVA in Charlottesville. I recall UVA making a point of using an apostrophe (University of Virginia's College at Wise) on the diploma to make the distinction clear even though the nomenclature at the Charlottesville campus uses School of _______ for the different divisions instead of College.
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if you're not ashamed of or embarrassed by the school you went to then put it down

if you are ashamed or embarrassed then put something else down
It's whatever your official record says. That is black and white.

Most universities have multiple campus locations within a university. For instance, University of North Carolina has 16 universities, each with a different name. UNC-Chapel Hill is our state's flagship school, but it has many campus locations. It's in Raleigh, but I worked at the Kannapolis campus (2 hours away) and my resume says UNC-Chapel Hill Nutrition Research Institute, Kannapolis, NC. (that's a mouthful!) but in order to be accurate, you need the whole thing. Had I graduated from there, I'd list it the same way.

I know some will suggest also listing the college within the university, as is often the case when a college is particularly prestigious like Wharton School of Business - instead of the University of Pennsylvania, where the school is a college within the university. I don't think I've ever seen a single member's siggy here indicate the college within TESU that they graduated from (Heavin School of Arts and Sciences in my case) so you don't have to always list everything... but as to what your friends have heard of or not heard of? That's a flawed system. You can't trust that because you have no idea what the person on the receiving end of your resume has or hasn't heard of! Either way, my money says go with transparency.
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My thinking is list as it is such UT at PB. If you ever feel embarrassed by the name of your school do not go there. It puts you in a weird spot just be proud of where you go and what you did.

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