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Exam Resources (newbies READ this) (And before asking a question, USE SEARCH FEATURE)
If you've got ECE World Pop slated on your exam list, get the book Population by Weeks. The EC Content Guide has the chapters from this book outlined with the topics you need to know.

Use this companion site to get nifty powerpoint presentations for each chapter.
Best of luck,
Joanne [/size]
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Testingout Wrote:Jack

Bravo Jack,

Your web site is excellent. The information and guidance you provide appears to be spot on. I'm sure it will be a very valuable source of information and encouragement, especially for those who are new to the notion of "testing out".

Good for you Jack,
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ShotoJuku Wrote:[SIZE="5"]YES!!! I've done a total of 7 now but only registered 4 of them. I will register the remaining 3 sometime this week.[/SIZE]

What does Excelsior count the FEMA credits as? Electives, science...?
MagicATC Wrote:What does Excelsior count the FEMA credits as? Electives, science...?

[SIZE="3"]Elective style - professional credits.[/SIZE]
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Hi all,

Relatively new here. Here is a link to College-Cram. Has some good info on a limited number of topics, approx 8-10 including math and economics. Smile
It used to be cost access but now is free. All it requires is registration. Hope this helps out.
A useful link as posted by Old Rusty Pipe:

Check it out. It covers:

-Principles of Supervision
-Intro to Business
-Human Resources Management
-Organizational Behavior
I wanted to share a great book if you are going to be taking Biology. It is the Princeton Review's Biology Smart by Deborah Guest, and there are plenty available on Amazon for less than a dollar, plus shipping. I tried a few different books including Cliffs and Idiots Guide, and found them to be very dry and boring (Think Charlie Brown teacher boring)
The Biology Smart book was interesting with lost of pictures, analogies, summaries, and mini-quizzes to help everything sink in. The book isn't as comprehensive as the Idiots Guide, but with Biology Smart, I "got it" a whole lot easier. (The plant section didn't have enough detail, and there was no section on Punnett squares I just used Wikipedia to fill in the gaps)

Good Luck All!
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Found this today on, looks like it will give a good general overview of Psychology:

Resource: Discovering Psychology: Updated Edition

I did a search on this site and did not see this free resource listed anywhere.


There are chemistry, biology, psychology, principles of management, criminal justice, accounting 1 & 11, physics, english comp, and much more.

Scheduled to take Management & Supervision tomorrow and will probably do Here's to your Health as well.
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