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Exam Resources (newbies READ this) (And before asking a question, USE SEARCH FEATURE)
cinderly Wrote:This won't help for OB, but for those looking for literature-related items, two key resources: Project Gutenburg (free online books) and Librivox (free audiobook files).

Helpful if you need to gloss enough of an author to pick up their style.


The Once and Future Lit Greek Big Grin

Etext Center: Collections
Free Educational Videos
  • National Geographic Video: Many video shorts of Natl. Geographic programs can be found here.
  • University Videos: A list of over 25 universities that offer free video lectures to the public.
  • UC Berkeley on Google Video: A wide variety of educational videos available here.
  • PBS Nova: Watch entire NOVA episodes online; divided into chapters.
  • Prelinger Archives: Over 4000 educational videos of historical significance.
  • Edutopia: From George Lucas; a great collection of highly eclectic educational videos.
  • Best Online Documentaries: Lots of free, full-length documentaries on a variety of subjects.
  • Google Tech Talks: Videos of Google-sponsored educational lectures and videos.
  • Free Science Videos: General science as well as computer science videos can be found here.
  • How To Videos: eHow's collection of how-to videos; anything from home to technology how-to's.
  • SuTree: Educational and how-to videos on subjects ranging from arts and crafts to automobiles.
  • The Ten Best Places to Find How-To Videos: Mashable's list of the top ten places to find how-to videos; not all of these are necessarily educational, but definitely interesting.
  • History Channel Videos: Short clips from the History Channel.
  • ScienceHack: A science video specific search engine.
  • Online Lectures: Huge list of online lectures; over 15,000 results at the time of this writing.
  • Digg Educational Videos: Not all of these are by any means educational, but there are some good ones here (you'll just have to "dig" a little).
  • PBS Frontline: Most of PBS Frontline's broadcasts can be watched in their entirety online.
  • Teachers TV Videos: Arts, poetry, and a whole host of other subjects are available here.
  • Jacob Richman's Educational Videos: A whole video series on learning English, Hebrew, and Spanish.
  • BrainPlugg: Find and watch educational videos on an eclectic array of subjects.
  • Google Educational Videos: Here's a neat trick with Google Videos. Type in genre:educational followed by ANY subject you're looking for in order to narrow down your search results. For instance: humanities, history, science, etc.
  • Educational Videos: Great compilation of educational videos that range from shorts to full-length videos.
  • Annenberg Media: Most videos here are available for free viewing online; just look for the free view icon (it looks like a little TV).
Free Educational Videos on the Web - How to Find Free Educational Videos
Massive Free Education List

Below are all 177 Berkeley Video Courses. The right side has tons of educational resources. If you have trouble viewing them try real alternative or real player. Also see the MIT Courses with Video Lectures. List by Jimmy Ruska, Checkout my Video Tutorials on youtube.

Massive List of Free Education Online For Autodidacts
I found this free resource for anyone studying for Principles of Management

The Principles of Scientific Management by Frederick Winslow Taylor - Project Gutenberg
Hey what's up. hows it going ? any luck with the videos regarding clep / dantes preparation ?
Hello all and thank you for the info. I'm just getting ramped up to complete my college degree through the use of CLEP exams. One question with regard to practice tests... I completed the practice exam for Humanities today, 140 questions, missed 50, and 70 were correct. How do I know wheather this is a passing grade at Excelsior. It talks about scaling but I find no reference as to how to 'scale the results. Can someone enlighten me please?
Thanks and I'm sure I'll be asking many more questions in this forum. What a great resource.
I am really confused here, so please help me understand.

For cleps you just get credit pass/fail
for dsst you get a letter grade?

How does this figure into your GPA?
I have some C's on my transcript from many years ago..graduated lpn 91 and RN 04.. anyhow I would like to take cleps or dssts to help improve my gpa as I work towards my BSN with EC.
Any help is appreciated.


EC Exams Passed
Community Health
Management and Leadership

kev1j Wrote:Check this out

Distance Education - Free Telecourses - Get College Credit

Good Luck.........

Thanks for this brilliant info. But I have one question. Do you get credit for just watching these courses or do you still have to take the clep exam?
And also who awards the credits?
Thanks so much
The link that you gave to the free CLEP is not right. I don't see anything there. Can you send it to me. thanks.
First of all i register for Peterson's sample and exam and nothing happen. They want 19.99 per individual subject. At least InstantCert lets you study many subjects at a time.

Also; you should check your links before posting them. They do not work. Click on it.

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