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Exam Resources (newbies READ this) (And before asking a question, USE SEARCH FEATURE)
Hey! I already tried "searching," but nothing quite similar came up for my questions. So here it goes:
  I've heard and read from many different people about having to know the differences between MLA, APA, and the Chicago Manual Style, yet I'm confused about what exactly to study for. Just to clarify, I'm studying for the College Composition Modular test. I have completed the Modern States course, but there were only like five questions on this topic.
  Also, I've heard that the easiest test to take is Analyzing and Interpreting Literature test, but is the essay part just as easy?
(02-28-2017, 08:33 AM)Allegrez Wrote: What is ICE Bible 102/103 ?

Also when someone says instcert only for study.. does this mean you didn't take any classes such as or
and no books??

I'm pretty sure this means that they used only InstantCert to brush up and refresh their memories. This is depending on what test they may have been taking and how strong they were in that particular subject. Some people only have to use InstantCert flashcards and advice.
(03-01-2017, 06:45 PM)rungirlrun Wrote: I've searched the forum Smile and would love to see an explanation of the score report. The way CLEP explains it in the report is a bit cryptic, and in reading older forums, it appears they have changed the format such that there are two, not three, scores. The first is the "Score": Mine says 61. The second is the "ACE Score*": mine says 50. So did I get a 61 or a 50?

You got a 61. The ACE Score is telling what the passing grades is according to ACE. Schools can choose their passing grade, but the 50 is simply referring to what ACE says is passing. Depending on what test you took, you probably got somewhere between a C+ and B. You can find out what a B level Grade is for particular tests here: Congrats, and good luck on your next test!
I just thought I'd share this. Even though actual terms on the Analyzing and Interpreting Literature test make a super small percent of the test, I went through the whole Modern States course and wrote down almost every single term. I have the link right here to the flashcards of almost every single term on the course that I wrote down. I hope this helps if anyone just wants to brush up on their literary terms and stuff. Good luck!

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