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Excelsior and Upper Level Electives
I was curious if anyone had experience with Excelsior changing credit levels (Upper vs. lower). I earned an associates degree from Excelsior and some of the transferred classes were assigned as upper level courses. I created a plan based on that and took classes from Sophia and to complete the classes except for the cornerstone and capstone. I was looking at the bachelors in business. I just got back the credit evaluation and it said I need 18 more credits in upper level business electives even though some courses had been considered upper level courses when I completed the associates degree through Excelsior. Has anybody had any success in petitioning for reconsideration of the credit evaluation?
Just curious, were these RA, ACE, or NCCRS courses?
When did you complete your associate degree?
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Interesting really... It would be better to let us know more details, something along the lines of, a screenshot or pdf of your evaluation, just snip out the personal details...
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