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Excelsior- cheapest route?
(12-30-2020, 11:00 AM)DanielDaCosta87 Wrote: Good morning, I am new on this forum and I needed some help because I am a little confuse about if I should go to Excelsior or not.  I am taking Sophia courses and I will start my UL courses with My goal is to take a BABA in HR. Is possible someone give me some suggestions or help me with a plan? 
Thank you much!

This is a really old thread so I would start a new one asking your questions as well as listing all the courses you've taken. I'm sure you'll get some help.
Homeschool College Guidance Counselor Mom to twin 15 yo boys

Study: US History 1, Pres Skills, Environ Science, Ethics in America, Intro to CJ, Meteorology, Forensic Sci, Criminology
Sophia: Psychology, Visual Comms, Sociology, Eff Teams, Mng Conflict, Student Success, Anc Greek Philo, Art History 1, Intro to IT,
Intro to Bus, English Comp 1, Religions, Conflict Resolution, College Algebra, English Comp II, US History 2
TEEX: Death Investigation
Coopersmith: Stress Mgmt, Therapeutic Interviewing, Drugs & Society, Sport & Exercise Psych

Planning for (2) Bachelors: BSLS

Hello, Thank you for answering. I am just taking courses from Sophia for now. I really needed some help with my plan to go to Excelsior. I already tried before, but I couldn’t find any answer.

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