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Excelsior courses
Does Excelsior use proctoru for course exams?
No. They use Pearson. You have to go somewhere and have it proctored. Which at this point will be hard. Not sure what they're doing now with COVID-19. I apologize.
Community College - 39 Credits
Excelsior/ECE - Information Literacy, World Conflicts After 1900, Research Methods in Psychology, Weather and Climate, Workplace Communication with Computers, Labor Relations, Abnormal Psychology, Social Psychology
CLEP - Analyzing and Interpreting Literature, Introduction to Sociology, Introduction to Psychology, Introduction to Educational Psychology
DSST - Ethics of America, Principals of Supervision, Health and Human Development, Human Resources Management, The Civil War and Reconstruction, Substance Abuse, Environmental Science, History of the Soviet Union
Study.Com - Psychology 312: History and Systems of Psychology, Communications 102: Interpersonal Communications, Psychology 315: Psychology of Motivation, English 105: English Composition II, History 108: History of the Vietnam War, Statistics 101: Principles of Statistics
You should only take the required courses from Excelsior, such as their cornerstone/capstone, everything else should be transferred into their degrees, especially if you're doing a BALS or BSLS, it's virtually identical in requirements and you just need 21 UL in arts/sciences and 9 UL in additional arts/sciences or whatever you want (business for example). Offer
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I confused now... did any of the 7 mandatory credits for EC (the ones that could not be transfered) need Pearson?? As international Student this is almost imposible to do...
BSBA: 70% completed (84 credits of 120)
I thought they only used Pearson for UExcel tests. I've only taken one actual class with them that didn't have exams it was more writing based and some UExcels.
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(06-13-2020, 09:31 AM)cecilgambe7 Wrote: I confused now... did any of the 7 mandatory credits for EC (the ones that could not be transfered) need Pearson?? As international Student this is almost imposible to do...

The required courses at EC cannot be taken as exams. You MUST take them through Excelsior as online courses. Pearson is the testing facility you go to take their UExcel exams. There are no UExcel exams for Information Literacy, Cornerstone, or Capstone. Those are the 7 credits required to be taken a EC. 

If you don't transfer in all of your courses, you can take additional courses through EC. They off hundreds of courses on their website. They are taken in real time and are not done on your own. They have a required schedule.
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