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Experience w/ Texila American University?
I stumbled across this school, Texila American University (located in Guyana) and noticed they had a lot of online Masters and PhD programs taught in English. I dug around on their site some, and it looks like they do the degrees in conjunction with the University of Central Nicaragua. I went to the UCN site and was able to verify that they offer those degrees also. Both schools seem to be legitimately accredited by their respective countries, from what I can find out on the web. I contacted TAU and asked for pricing info on the PhD Info Tech and Comp Sci degrees, and was told they were 3 year programs, total tuition for the 3 years was $5000 USD plus some different fees they listed (like application and other stuff).

Anyway, I don't technically need the PhD, it's mostly for my own amusement since I've been in IT so long anyway. I'm not bothered by the fact that it's international, since most people in my industry are quite used to international degrees.

Despite that, I don't want to end up throwing away money on a bad experience. Has anyone ever enrolled at this school, or known anyone who has had experience with the programs?
Very interesting. Thanks for sharing this. You will probably get a better answer at the "other site", since they tend to specialize in these types of subjects.
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