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FEMA & FREE College Credit courses
wwfjdraw Wrote:I am wondering, based soley on credits from fema, is there any colleges/universities I can degree out of?


Also what degrees from what colleges can I get soley from Fema and "fema" like credits? How can this be best done? Thank you.


Earlier this year, there was a member of the forum named Rickyjo who was trying to maximize FEMA credits. He found a school called Red Rocks that accepts a lot of FEMA credits.

Here are 2 threads to get you started:

I don't know if this worked out for him, but you can read through all of his posts and see what he found out about it.
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wwfjdraw Wrote:University of Washington CME: Online Courses
They currently at this time only offer 1 free accredited course for 3 credits in medical. Ofcourse you have to pay for the credits, but they are cheap, and if it’s a selfgraded course, you really can’t fail.

Pretty sure this one you provided here is only eligible for credit for licensed doctors. If i read it correctly its for CME 3 AMA PRA Category 1 credits which would reflect on some ama awarding system for docs.
From what I read it doesnt seem they would even allow us to get the credit from the ama the school might take the money but your stuck with nothing.
If someone can validate that i would appreciate it. Because the one course I did already because it was interesting. And hell if its that cheap why not. Wink But then again it does seem its for docs. later
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