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Fall 2022 - What is YourPace?
(11-21-2022, 01:38 AM)braven Wrote: Cody and Jessica was no help. I'm still stuck with Professor Winslow for my last class.

I'm taking Strategic Development with Milestones. I signed up for Business Analytics and ended up in Strategic Development. 

I'm just gonna drop out. Eff him. He's so slow at responding and I'm still not done with my first milestone with him. Every organization I choose he tells me to choose a different one and redo my analysis. I've done 9 rounds so far.

Is this BUS489 Business Policy & Strategy? This course has been mentioned previously. Maybe search through the threads and see if anything helps you. Have you scheduled a meeting with him for help?
Amberton University - 2022
University of Maine at Presque Isle (UMPI) - 2021 and 2022

Hi all. In the 3 days since I dropped Winslow, I managed to complete 3 other classes. I spent half of this term stuck on pleasing Winslow I should've dropped it earlier. Jessica told me it wasn't required for my major because I can do another class. So all I have now are upper level electives. I'll probably do political science for the remainder and get a minor in political science.

I just finished Arab-Israeli conflict. I'm doing European Government this weekend. I'll write my Modern Thoughts essay tomorrow (final). I asked for Vietnam Wars next. After that Cold War Films! I'll just need 1 more and 4 Sophia classes to graduate
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Today Braven finished his Modern Political Thoughts final and finished ARab-Irsraeli conflict. He's making good progress on European Government and is hoping to be finished with it early Saturday. He's so much less stressed now.
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