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Fastest Route To A Bachelor's and Testing Centres

I have been lurking here for sometime now and have finally decided to join this forum. I would like to go for a bachelors degree and would like to use most if not all of my credits, now the thing is, I did pursue a Bachelor of Science degree years ago overseas, but I didn't finish the programme I did 3 of the 4 years required, I then went into the television production and broadcasting field and have been working in it (from production to editing, encoding, formatting, master control etc) for over 10 years.

I would like to pursue a bachelor's degree, the fastest route I can get, I really do not care so much about the major as I my aim is to be able to pursue graduate studies in Communication and Culture. One question I have is this: which major would be the fastest for me?

I am Canadian and I live within the Greater Toronto Area, I haven't been able to locate a CLEP, DSST testing area around here, I honestly couldn't find one... well I did... Talpiot College, a Jewish Women's College and they basically informed me that I'd have to be a student at the college to register for the tests, ie not open to non-students! So my other concern is finding a testing center within the Toronto area, can someone please point me in the right direction? Thanks so much!

Sorry for my long first post, any advice, suggestions, opinions would be much appreciated.

Try this site to help you find Test centers.

CLEP Test Center Search

Hope this helps and good luck,
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DSSTs Passed
[SIZE="1"][SIZE="1"]Civil War & Reconstruction, Rise & Fall of Soviet Union, History of Vietnam War, Intro Modern Middle East, Western Europe Since 1945, Drug and Alcohol, Here's to Your Hlth, Intro To Comp, Prin of Sup, Technical Writing, Prin of Physical Science I[/SIZE][/SIZE]

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Thanks Clep101,

I did check the site, the only Toronto centre listed is Talpiot College which is not an option for me as they only cater to their own students, at least that's what they told me.
First things first. Have you started the process of having your previous international college credit evaluated and documented by a service that Excelsior College or Thomas Edison State College recommends?
Educational Credential Evaluators, Inc

If the international college credits that you previously earned transfer into Excelsior or TESC, then earning your remaining credits should be a breeze.

In addition with TESC, you can put together a PLA for your work experience and get a Bachelor of Arts in Communication from them. Thomas Edison State College | BA in Communications Credit Distribution
Excelsior - BS Business 2008
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Son #2 TESC BA Computer Science completed November 2010 Currently in Florida State (FSU) Masters CS program and loving it

Thanks for the link to TESC, I will definitely take a good look at the program. Right now I am actually in the process of getting my international credits evaluated by ECE.
Thanks again.
Actually driving down to Buffalo seems to be my only viable option at this time, thanks Cinderly.

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