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So another factor is if you want to commit to finishing your degree in 1-2 terms at WGU which would be very economical but may be a difficult time commitment depending on how much you transfer in and how busy your life is. With TESU it's easier to space it out with a couple of courses here and there.

I think if you're starting relatively from scratch though, it may be better to commit to finishing at WGU in 1 term.

As for your questions, I have experience with them and do recommend them(can't beat the price). There are some who don't like the format. As mentioned, the proctoring service does cost $9.
Planning to transfer to WGU BSIT DEC 2020    

B&M(22cr): Anat/Phys 1/2 +Labs, Eng Comp 1, Sust. Cities, Orientation Courses, Intro Hlth+Well, Functional Anat/Kin
TESU(4cr): Chem 1 Lab, DC circuits
JST/TESU Eval of NAVY Training: 85/99cr
The Institutes, TEEX, NFA(9cr): Ethics, Cyber 101/201/301, Safety
Sophia(?cr): Losing track since I signed up for all of them Tongue Eng 105, Fin 102, His 108, Lib Sci 101, Math 104, Stat 101
CLEP(9cr): Intro Sociology 63 Intro Psych 61 US GOV 71
OD(6cr): Robotics, Cyber
CompTIA: A+
If you've ever watched a course from The Great Courses, they use that as their main lecture for about half of the courses. From there, you'll watch some youtube videos and then take your quiz.
I few small annoyances- you can't go faster and you can't skip ahead. Proctor service is a little more strict than ProctorU but that may not matter (my son had to put a shirt on lol.) Also, it is VERY HARD to figure out your grade as you go. If you like to keep track of that kind of thing, they make it a game of hide and seek. BUT, it's nine bucks..... so who's complaining? Not me.

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