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Felicity Huffman and Lori Loughlin Charged in College Admissions Cheating Scheme
(03-15-2019, 08:30 AM)cookderosa Wrote:
(03-13-2019, 12:20 AM)dfrecore Wrote: USC is not worth $500k!!!  I mean really, what is the point of this?

Their girls would have been better off if they would have gone to community college and a local 4-yr state school and the parents just gave them each $250k to invest.  That whole thing was just monumentally stupid.

You can't post cool pics on your insta if you're at cc.  (seriously, I spent a few minutes on looking at her social media- it's just a slight click under porn imo)

I don't think the general public is shocked that it happened.  What is truly the most interesting aspect to me, is that it's being prosecuted! And that it's criminal.  Wow, I mean really wow.   I don't know what's motivating such enthusiasm - maybe someone didn't get into the college of his dreams when he was young? But whatever it is, it's really going to shake things up.  Do we give the parents and coaches jail time?  

On an aside note, I've been a standardized exam proctor for 10 years- I don't do a lot, just a few clients per year to meet the homeschool testing requirements, but as a proctor, I don't have any kind of "key" or answers- I'm literally just overseeing exam integrity.  I think it would be easy to arrange cheating if someone was motivated.  I don't know about SAT/ACT (the exams used in the scandal) but maybe testing as an admissions measure isn't a great assessment tool?

So why go to college at all? Easy enough to just skip it and go hang out with your friends.

It's fraud.  Taking bribes.  These schools are taking tax dollars, so there's probably that do deal with in some way.  The guy facilitating all of it had his company become a 501© charity, which is definitely tax fraud.  That guy for sure will get some jail time.  I'm going to say that parents won't get jail time, but the coaches probably should.  The schools will probably be pretty pissed too - they're paying the coach for a good team, and to know that they're using spots to give to non-athletes is not cool.  I'm guessing they are going to have all kinds of civil breach of contract suits on top of the criminal charges.  The fallout from all of this will be interesting.  I'm waiting for a kid who sues their parents for their bogus degree once it comes out who benefitted from this (assuming the kid didn't know that their parents did this).

And to top it all off, the proctoring thing is awful.  They were saying their kids had learning disabilities and needed accommodations for testing.  Now, kids who ACTUALLY need that will be questioned.  What a bunch of scumbags!  And, the proctor didn't need a key, they just needed to be smart enough to change some of the problems after the kid turns it in to get them a better score (I heard one had their score upped 400 points from the 1st time they took it!!!).
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