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For Woodpooky, Re: TESU BSBA CIS degree question
Woodpooky, you have private messages disabled so I cannot respond to your private message. Instead, I am posting it here since it is relevant to others as well. Private messages are disabled by default, so you need to change that setting if you'd like to use private messaging in the future.

Woodpooky Wrote:Hi,

I have a rather odd question about the CIS from TESU. 
When you receive the degree does it show the concentration on the degree? Or does it just say the BABA part?

Thank you

The area of study/concentration is not shown on the diploma for degrees at TESU. It only shows the name of the degree itself, which is: "Bachelor of Science in Business Administration." Likewise, with my ASNSM in Computer Science, the diploma just says "Associate of Science in Natural Science & Mathematics."

That said, the concentration does appear on the final transcript. So anyone who pulls a transcript will see it there. If you pursue multiple areas of study, your transcript is the only place they appear since TESU doesn't issue additional diplomas for each additional AoS.
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Thank you for the information Merlin! I've also enabled PM now lol
That's kind of odd to me. Are all schools like that? I would think the concentration would be the most important part to have on a diploma, rather than just BSBA.
It's normal for colleges to neither list a concentration nor major on the diploma. When employers ask for proof of education, they usually ask for a transcript. Sometimes, they'll even want a sealed transcript. Diplomas are easy to fake.
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Oh, that makes sense. It's still disappointing though. I'm not even concerned about showing a diploma to an employer, I just like the idea of having it framed on the wall and showing my area of study.
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