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Forbes's America's Top 100 Colleges List
America's Top Colleges List - Forbes

Just throwing this out there for the sake of discussion; I'm just speeding through my bachelor's as a) the USAF doesn't care about where it's from too much, and b) it's a stepping stone towards an MBA I'm striving towards, even though that school itself didn't make the list either lol.
I'm guessing most of these schools are private? The majority have student numbers in the sub 5k range. Along with the lovely 40k-60ishk tuition.

Top colleges at making you earn debt, or take money from your trust fund. Big Grin


It probably isn't the best example, but I checked the Computer Science programs at a few of the private colleges in the list. I didn't really see anything different in terms of syllabus than at the local community colleges here. The primary difference was that the private colleges had a couple of upper level courses, but they too, didn't seem too much different from courses at public (cheapie) state universities.

Of course, this won't be the case with some of the very large universities on that list like Stanford / Harvard. However I have a feeling that a lot of those private schools are more based on the concept of networking. 'So and so sends his son off to a prestigous private school to earn so and so degree and network with other like-minded / background individuals'
Drakemoore Wrote:I'm guessing most of these schools are private? The majority have student numbers in the sub 5k range. Along with the lovely 40k-60ishk tuition.

Top colleges at making you earn debt, or take money from your trust fund. Big Grin

You made my evening.
- Akintayo

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Saharapost Wrote:You made my evening.

I'm glad. I apparently edited that post while you were posting yours.
Small, private universities tout their small class sizes and more personable campuses. The bigger, prestigious universities have the reputations of having great professors. Some of these private universities, usually the bigger ones, have great financial aid packages leaving their graduates with little debt even though their tuition rates are sky high.
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One thing of note. Harvard won't allow you to transfer if you have more than or less than one year in your degree. Although I'm guessing that basically equates to a minimum and maximum transfer of 30 credits.

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