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Free Ivy League courses
I found this list of free Ivy League online courses:

I don't know if they could be used for PLA or anything like that, but figured some people might find these interesting.
Working towards: TESU, BSBA-HR (111/120 units complete, goal to graduate in 2020).

Completed: B&M CC: 67 units applied Principles of Management, Principles of Marketing, Computing, International Business, Library Science, Managerial Accounting, Leading Organizational Change, Finance, Organizational Theory, Strategic Human Resources (30 units) Davar: Organizational Behavior, Managerial Communication (6 units) Sophia: Microeconomics, Conflict Resolution, Leading Teams (5 units) Institutes: Ethics (2 units) TESU: Cornerstone (1 unit)

Currently Working On: TESU: Business Capstone, Sophia: College Algebra
Courses Left To Go: CSMLearn/Sophia: Statistics requirement

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Hi.  I am wondering if anyone has taken any of these free Ivy League courses and if so would you give a review?  Thank you.
Goal: BA (TESU)

In Progress:
US History 1 (CLEP)
American Government (CLEP)
A number of courses on
I would like to hear peoples reviews too.
WGU BSCSIA (In progress starting Feb 1st 2019)  49/122 credit hours.
PierPont BOG A.A.S 2018

CompTIA A+,Sec+.
SL. Intro to Environmental Science, Intro to Biology.  6 Credit hours.
Brick and Mortar college's 50 RA credits.
Pierpont institutional credit  INFO 2207, INFO 2256, INFO 2305. 9 Credit hours.
 Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict. 2 Credit hours
The Institutes. 312N-H Ethics, 2 credit hours.
Brick and Mortar College. Eng 205 research writing, 3 credit hours.

CLEP. Information Systems, 3 Credit hours.
Stanford Online. America's Poverty and Inequality Course, Statement of accomplishment.  
(04-28-2018, 09:37 PM)Muldoon Wrote: I found this list of free Ivy League online courses:

I don't know if they could be used for PLA or anything like that, but figured some people might find these interesting.

There is a large pool of MOOCS (the courses above are in that category) that are like a public library - there for anyone to learn from! But like the library, the content isn't going to translate directly into a credential. So, you're on the right track- you can use them to do a PLA, but you can also use them to learn something for a test like CLEP, DSST, TECEP, etc.

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