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Free Ivy League courses
I found this list of free Ivy League online courses:

I don't know if they could be used for PLA or anything like that, but figured some people might find these interesting.
Working towards: TESU, BSBA-HR (71/120 units, goal to graduate by June 2019)

Done: B&M CC: 67 units Free Courses: Sophia Conflict Resolution (1 unit) and Leading Teams (1 unit), Institutes Ethics (2 units)

Next Up: CLEP (5 exams), Davar (4 exams), (3 classes), CSU-Global (2 exams), Aleks (2 classes), TESU Capstone
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Hi.  I am wondering if anyone has taken any of these free Ivy League courses and if so would you give a review?  Thank you.
Goal: BA (TESU)

In Progress:  
CLEP- American Literature
Ethics and the CPCU Code of Professional Conduct- (Institute)

Completed: Pers Fin (3) (using Guardian Scholarship)
CLEP- Analyzing and Interpreting Literature (64)
I would like to hear peoples reviews too.
PierPont BOG A.A.S (December 2018) Credits completed waiting on conferral.
CompTIA A+,Sec+.
SL. Intro to Environmental Science, Intro to Biology.  6 Credit hours.
Brick and Mortar college's 50 RA credits.
Pierpont institutional credit  INFO 2207, INFO 2256, INFO 2305. 9 Credit hours.
 Developing Effective Teams, The Essentials of Managing Conflict. 2 Credit hours
The Institutes. 312N-H Ethics, 2 credit hours.
Brick and Mortar College. Eng 205 research writing, 3 credit hours.

CLEP. Information Systems, 3 Credit hours.

(04-28-2018, 09:37 PM)Muldoon Wrote: I found this list of free Ivy League online courses:

I don't know if they could be used for PLA or anything like that, but figured some people might find these interesting.

There is a large pool of MOOCS (the courses above are in that category) that are like a public library - there for anyone to learn from! But like the library, the content isn't going to translate directly into a credential. So, you're on the right track- you can use them to do a PLA, but you can also use them to learn something for a test like CLEP, DSST, TECEP, etc.
10-year member

MS Nutrition, 2014 Canisius College, NY
Premed/Prenursing Sciences, 2011 Ocean County College, NJ
BA Social Science, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ
AA General Studies, 2008 Thomas Edison State University, NJ
AOS Culinary Arts,1990 Culinary Institute of America, NY

Homeschooling for College Credit
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